Nurse Doris Musgrave Health and Wellness Centre Officially Commissioned

The Doris Musgrave Health and Wellness Centre was officially opened on Friday, March 19, 2021, as part of  the Government’s goal to build a resilient nation by developing each sector of society.

The modern facility which is the sixth health and wellness centre to be officially commissioned, will have provisions for urgent care and continuous medical attention, and features two beds for short-term stay for patients, consultation rooms, two multi-purpose clinics, a pharmacy and accommodations for medical staff.

The facility was named after Nurse Doris Musgrave an individual who played an instrumental role in the transformation of health care in the community of Marigot.

Nurse Musgrave got married at age 30 but had to give up the job, because married women back then were not allowed to work. She remained at home, caring for her children, but later when the law changed she quickly returned to nursing and specialized in midwifery. Nurse Doris Musgrave had a long happy and productive career in nursing spanning fifty years. She worked in Roseau, in Portsmouth, and Marigot where she spent most of her years caring for patients and incapacitated persons in hospital and the community.

Nurse Musgrave was considered a pioneer in the development of health care in Marigot through her family life, education, training and internship, formal work and community development.

She was awarded the Meritorious Service Award in 1981 for her contribution to the health and welfare of her fellow citizens.

“Her contribution to the advancement in the area of medicine which improved the delivery of health care, the championship of holistic health practices, assisting young mothers with knowledge of child care and the promotion of health living are all worthy to mention,” stated Principal Nursing Office Nurse Terrillia Ravaliere.

Prime Minister of Dominica, Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit extended congratulatory remarks to the Musgrave family.

“I want first of all to extend my congratulations to the Musgrave family, a family that has contributed greatly to Marigot and of course Dominica by extension, on the bestowing of this recognition on Nurse Doris Musgrave, and this health centre now called the Nurse Doris Musgrave Health and Wellness Centre. And we have been doing so as a Government, recognizing the contributions of our health professionals as we seek to improve on the infrastructure of our health facilities across Dominica. Because we believe that is important to pay homage to those who worked so tirelessly, not looking for what our country can give to them but what they can give to their country,” Prime Minister Skerrit stated.

Member of Parliament for the Marigot Constituency Honourable Lennox Linton stated that he and the residents of Marigot are grateful for the new health and wellness centre.

“May this facility long be known for the excellence in health care service that characterized the life and times of Nurse Doris Musgrave. In this moment, Marigot is pleased,” the Member of Parliament stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit noted that the onus is on the people who knew Nurse Musgrave to honour her memory by informing upcoming generations of her contributions to Dominica’s development

“We are doing so also as a Government to poke the curiosity of our young people. Who is Nurse Musgrave? Who was this lady? And now it is left to those of us who know her to share with the current and succeeding generations about her contributions. Here it is, a selfless person recognizing that she has duty and obligation to her fellow men and fellow women. Not preoccupied with salary or salary increases, but preoccupied with serving her people and serving them respectfully,” Prime Minister Skerrit went on to say.

The Prime Minister then called on the people of Marigot to let the legacy of Nurse Musgrave live on, not only in the name of the health and wellness centre but in their daily lives.

“It is not only about speaking about Nurse Musgrave, but it is also about exemplifying the work of Nurse Musgrave in everything that you do,” PM Skerrit stated.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Affairs and Planning Honourable Gregory Riviere stated that this Government is one which is committed to providing quality health care to all citizens.

“This Labour party Administration does not only talk health care but we invest in health care and this is done for all our people across the island and Marigot is no exception. We provide health care that is reliable, readily available and most importantly quality health care that is affordable,” Minister Riviere stated.

He then encouraged residents of Marigot to take ownership of the facility and to ensure that it remains clean.

“I call on our people to take care of this facility. Let us keep it clean. Let us keep it tidy and I hasten to say let us keep the mold away,” the Minister urged.

Minister for Health, Wellness and New Health Investment Honourable Dr. Irving McIntyre stated that this Government will continue to prioritize Dominica’s health care.

“This Labour Party Government will provide the health and wellness centres with all the services. We will also provide the health care providers to carry out the services and impart the knowledge to you. All that is needed is for you, the people of Marigot, to play your part and make use of the facilities,” Dr. McIntyre added.

The construction of these health and wellness centres is being financed through the Citizenship By Investment Programme and constructed by the Montreal Management and Consultants Establishment (MMCE).