Bellevue Chopin


Tropical Storm Erika wreaked havoc Dominica in August 2015. Heavy rainfall during the storm resulted in massive flooding in the island and left the whole town of Petite Savanne uninhabitable and residents were needed to be evacuated on a permanent basis.

Because of this unfortunate event, the Government of Dominica launched the Bellevue Chopin Housing Project in September 2016 to resettle the affected residents to a safer place.

However, during the building process, the Commonwealth of Dominica was once again hit by a deadly hurricane, Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

Maria passed directly over Dominica as a Category 5 storm causing widespread, catastrophic damage across the island destroying nearly 23,500 houses, representing approximately 90% of houses countrywide. As a result, MMC Development Ltd. made revisions into the design to make the homes more hurricane-resilient.

The housing project consists of three hundred fifty-three (353) residential units, a commercial plaza, a farmer’s market and a football and basketball pitch.

All residential units have been handed over to the government as of December 2019.

Bellevue Chopin

Project Location

3 Years

Completion Time